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French artist born in Marseille in 1980, currently residing in Begur, an inspiring Spanish town located in the north of Catalonia. Graduated in Art & Design, with a self-taught nature, Cécile Bercovici truly begins painting after years of personal introspection.

Constantly inspired by people, the depth of the soul, or nature, hypersensitivity plays a determining role in all the emotions conveyed in each of her works. She seeks, with few lines and colors, the expression of her emotions. This gesture allows her to reach her unconscious.


"Everyone perceives life in their own way. Fascinated by Mediterranean vegetation, I observe carefully, capture or feel the energy. I have always recognized abstraction in reality or, subconsciously, I bring nature and my emotions into my studio. I paint quickly or slowly, to translate things that have no words, I must say 'a very subjective perception'. Everything passes through my own filters like emotions or feelings. Gradually, the style becomes a non-subject or rather a broader perspective on life. This is my painting, revealing the invisible through my eyes."

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